Making a positive and lasting first impression is a difficult task. Luckily at Mustang Signs we have a Director of First Impressions (Linda) that took on this difficult task and made sure we left a positive and lasting impression at the Mustang Sign Group Business After Hours event earlier this month. She rallied together some of our clients and community partners to put on a great event. Some of the highlights of the event was the outdoor vehicle wrap car show, Game On video game trailer, catered food by Dickey’s BBQ and Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, music and giveaways. But even after all of the festivities the best part about this event was the relationships that were built and strengthened while networking with some of our communities’ leaders and business professionals. You see, the impression we want to make here at Mustang Sign Group is that we are not your typical sign company. We are here to be accessible, personable, honest and ready to help you build a visual foundation for your business. We take a personal interest in your dreams and goals whether in your business or personal life. After the event came to a close, we met with our team and shared with one another our experiences during the event. Not to our surprise, each team member shared multiple stories about the people they met and the relationships they gained. It wasn’t about the business or potential leads it was about relationships that reach beyond the 4 walls of Mustang Sign Group. We want to thank everyone that came out and supported us and we want to thank our Director of First Impressions for creating that Positive Lasting Impression.

Thank you!